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Temperature Guide

Why do you need a temperature conversion table?
Think back. How often have you found a recipe you wanted to try, and then realised that it only gives the oven temperature as “Moderately Hot” or 400 degrees when the numbers on your oven do not go that high? What are you to do?
Some recipes will give you the Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion or vice versa, but others leave you to guess. Not what we want! Guesswork can get you into trouble, as you might end up with burnt offerings, or even worse, food poisoning through serving undercooked food!
So to prevent embarrassment when cooking for the love-of-your-life, refer to this temperature guide for the correct conversion:

°F °C Fan °C Gas Mark Cooking Type
250 °F 120 °C 100 °C Gas Mark ½ Very slow
275 °F 140 °C 120 °C Gas Mark 1 Slow cook
300 °F 150 °C 130 °C Gas Mark 2 Slow cook
325 °F 265 °C 245 °C Gas Mark 3 Medium cook
350 °F 180 °C 160 °C Gas Mark 4 Medium cook
375 °F 190 °C 170 °C Gas Mark 5 Medium cook
400 °F 200 °C 180 °C Gas Mark 6 Medium cook
425 °F 220 °C 200 °C Gas Mark 7 Fast cook
450 °F 230 °C 210 °C Gas Mark 8 Fast cook
475 °F 240 °C 220 °C Gas Mark 9 Fast cook
500 °F 250 °C 230 °C Gas Mark 10 Fast cook