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Calnan Brothers is famous for its Christmas treats and this year is no exception. We have the finest royal roasts, fresh free range turkeys, mouth watering gammons, award winning Christmas sausages, naturally cured bacon, 28 day matured beef and of course our famous extensive luxury cheese range.
So whether you are looking to cook your best Christmas dinner to date or you are looking to impress your friends at your Christmas dinner party; Calnan Brothers high quality products and excellent service will not let you down.
Available this year as always is the finest range of free range turkey, poultry and the most marvelous geese.
Team that up with out own home made and hand tied sausages, pigs in blankets and the best range of cheese in the whole town and you have the recipe for the perfect Christmas.


Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year from the Calnan Brothers team.
If you would like to place an order for Christmas collection, please call us on 01235 813270 or pop into the shop and speak to one of our friendly butchers!

Calnan Brothers

Finest Quality Turkeys

This year, as in previous years we have chosen Monmouthshire Turkeys as our principle bird supplier. They are a truly excellent choice for Christmas ad although they are slightly further away, we feel the quality of their birds cannot be ignored. Here’s what they have to say about their farming..


“”Farming bronze turkeys organically marries high welfare standards with exceptional flavour. We rear chicks from the day they are hatched. They are grown slowly to their full maturity, and fed GM-free organic grain without routine antibiotics. During the day, the turkeys are allowed access to fields and hedgerows so they can do what turkeys do, forage and roam about. They are brought in at night with the help of Blue, our sheep dog, to sleep in airy barns with plenty of places to roost. We are certified by the Soil Association, which not only governs how we treat and feed the turkeys, but also confirms our sustainable approach to the whole farm.
We prepare the birds traditionally. They are processed on the farm to reduce stress at slaughter. And then laboriously dry-plucked which allows us to dry-age the birds in temperature controlled barns. Because they are slow growing, fully mature and active, their dense meat structure benefits hugely from this process, intensifying flavour and improving its moist texture.
The turkeys we produce take time, small flock sizes, and much higher labour inputs. The effort is well worth it as our methods enhance their unique gamey flavour. This is not a turkey you can find on supermarket shelves, as the rearing and processing is difficult to replicate on an industrial scale.
The result is a turkey that we are proud to raise and always look forward to putting on our table.”

Calnan Brothers

Everything Required For Christmas Perfection

As well as the most fantastic whole turkeys for roasting, we also supply many, many different alternatives also.  For some, a whole bird may be too big, others perhaps may find it easier (and with less waste) to opt for our continental boneless turkey breast.  As the name suggests these are simply boneless turkey crowns- all meat and no waste.  We can tie them in to portions of any size between 1kg and 6kg.
We offer a range of cockerels (large roasting chickens) for those who don’t want turkey, and these range from 1.3Kg to around 4.5Kg.
Gammon joints are available, both smoked and green (unsmoked) and these are the perfect meats for your delightful Christmas ham!
If you don’t have time to cook your ham we offer cooked ham joints also.
Our Christmas sausages and sausagemeat are also available.  These are the perfect recipe of pork, cranberry and sage and onion and are very, very popular.  The sausagemeat also makes the perfect sausage rolls…
Venison, game birds, ducks, and geese are also here to be ordered.
Pigs in blankets are up for ordering too!  These are the best thing about Christmas!
Our twenty eight day aged beef is the best for miles around.  All cuts are available for the Yuletide.
If you have any questions or to order now, call 01235 813270.

Calnan Brothers

Christmas Cheese Selection

For 2018 we are committed to providing the widest range of quality cheeses available in the area.  We’ve got a massive range of all different cheeses from both the United Kingdom and across Europe.
From Delice to Jarlsberg, from Cave Aged Gruyere to soft Oxford Blue, we’ve got your Yuletide cheeseboard sorted.


For a full list of available cheeses this Christmas please follow this link:

Christmas Cheese 2018





















Calnan Brothers

Christmas Opening Times 2018

Here are our Christmas and New Year opening hours for 2018/19.
Monday 17th 7:30am until 1pm
Tuesday 18th 7:30am until 4pm
Wednesday 19th 7:00am until 1pm
Thursday 20th 7:30am until 4pm
Friday 21st 7:30am until 4pm
Saturday 22nd 7:30am until 4pm
Sunday 23rd 7:30am until 4pm
Monday 24th 7am until 1pm
Tuesday 25th CLOSED
Wednesday 26th CLOSED
Thursday 27th CLOSED