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Didcot team

Welcome to our team of Didcot butchers. They are a friendly bunch, who take great care to ensure you receive the highest quality cuts and exceptional service. Look out for their tips throughout the website. Feel free to visit the store and ask them for advice.


Didcot Butcher

Andy started out as young lad or a “Saturday boy” as they are known in the trade, at AC Lester and Sons butchers in Wallingford in 1982, aged just 16.  He has never once been to college to learn about the meat trade, the owners of the shop in Wallingford, who had their own abattoir thought he would learn more from being hands on the shop, rather than “pen pushing” in a classroom. He began working as a full time butcher in 1984.
Andy learn a great deal from three of his older, more experienced colleagues during his time at AC Lesters, including not just all manner of meat cutting skills but also important information regarding safety and cleanliness and hygiene issues.
In 1992, Andy joined Calnan Brothers in Didcot, where he has remained ever since, dealing with customer needs and providing the highest quality meat and cheese in Oxfordshire.


Didcot Butcher

Steven started out as a “Saturday boy” at Calnan Brothers in Didcot, where his first shift was 1pm to 5pm helping the butchers clean the shop after a busy week trading.  He continued to work part time as he went to school and later Didcot Sixth Forms, before learning to break down carcasses and cut primals in the correct way and eventually training to be a fully qualified butcher. Steven worked as a catering butcher for Calnan  Brothers for several years before taking a position as a butcher in a farm shop in West Berkshire.  Having spent five years dealing with the demands of customers as a shop butcher, he decided to return to Calnan Brothers in December 2015 to be nearer to his home in Didcot, and help the brothers serve high quality meats and cheeses in their busy Didcot shop full time.



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